What is This? Baseball and Vacations, Of Course

Baseball is ingrained in our national identity. The small town with the minor league team where the players are housed with families to keep them out of trouble. The baseball field just down the street from the fairgrounds and the water tower painted with the team logo are American icons. And the road to these ball fields is dotted with unique experiences.

For over seventeen years, we have traveled across the US and Canada visiting minor league baseball parks and, along the way, seeing America—often obscure places that not many people would visit. Finally, in an effort to chronicle these travels, we have begun this blog—Minor Road Trip—that is a combination of memoir and description, travelogue and guide. Other good websites and blogs currently cover the many aspects of baseball stadiums, both major and minor league (such as The Ballpark Guide.com). Some even talk about the cities that house the ballparks. And they do a good job (particularly Ben’s Biz.com). However, we want to go beyond just concentrating on the teams and stadiums. We want to also highlight many of the sites we’ve seen, the people we’ve met and the experiences we’ve had traveling across America. What better way to see our grand country than on the way to a baseball game?

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